Who or what is Call Her Moonchild?

What's with the name?

Our Values

Environmental & Ethical Standards

At Call Her Moonchild we're committed to putting our values into practice. 

We care about the environment! Most of our clothing is made-to-order to prevent stock excess. On top of this, almost all of our apparel is:
*Made with eco-friendly dyes
*Dyed in low-water dye houses (using about 7x less water use than the average garment), where the water is then recycled in-house
*Made in facilities that incorporate solar power
*Created with a zero-waste mindset where excess textiles are donated or re-purposed

We also believe in humane conditions for our textile partners. All of our clothes are sewn in a 100% sweatshop-free environment. When selecting textile partners, we make sure to choose companies that have a top rating from from W.R.A.P. (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) to ensure that everyone along our production chain is treated fairly.

Thank you for shopping ethically! 

We're passionate about our community. We believe in engaging with our neighbours and promoting a sense of community whenever possible! We're happy to offer affordable door-to-door deliveries (which are contactless during the Covid-19 epidemic) across most of the Ottawa Valley. We also love getting involved in local craft shows and community initiatives. If you have an opportunity you think we'd like to hear about, please let us know at info@callhermoonchild.com.